Getting Started Sample Code

This is a repository of short code snippets that you can use to learn "by example" how to work with the MapWindow 6 components and architecture. Do you need to create a shapefile? view a raster? create a shaded relief map? clip a polygon? All of these capabilities are demonstrated (or will be soon) with short example code in both C# and VB.NET.
  • Shapes
    • Cycle through the shapes, parts and vertices (without using geometries) C# VB
    • Generate FeatureSets from WKB C# VB
  • Layers
    • Layer Inheritance and casting overview C# VB
  • Create New Vectors
    • Create Random Points C# VB
    • Create Random LineStrings C# VB
    • Create A Random MultiLineString C# VB
    • Create Random Polygons C# VB
    • Create Random Polygons With Holes C# VB
    • Quickly Add Many Features to a FeatureSet C# VB
  • Special Topics by Jiří Kadlec

Programming Example PDFs

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