Map Serialization


First off - I believe MW6 to be a great tool and I am looking forward to the official release. My company already has two projects planned to make use of this technology. Previews that we showed to clients turned out to be real show stoppers :-)
I have two issues in the serialization code of the Map though:
1) When you load the map the contained Layers and Groups don't get their MapFrame set. This leads to issues when you use the Dynamic Visibility. I was able to correct this for demonstration purposes by storing the MapFrame object and passing it to any subsequent Layer/Group constructors. The serialization code is very complex and admittedly looks cool, but I unfortunately could not find an elegant fix to the problem..
2) If I create a line style with multiple layers, they appear to get lost when I save and load a Map. For example I created a railway style (this is an awesome feature of MW6) which looks really good, but when the map is reopened the style reverts to a standard black line.
3) Lastly (not connected to serialization), if you use the selection tool near a point on a point layer the tool throws an error. It works 100% for other types of layers though.